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ARE YOU AFRAID OF JAVA SCRIPT? Coding Workshop with bleeptrack (2022)

Programming in Artistic Practice: Workshop Weekend in Cologne

In October 2022, Cheers for Fears hosted a workshop for students, artists, cultural practitioners, and creatives who have a desire to use programming in their artistic practice.

The first aim of the two-part workshop was to gain a more general understanding of the entire field of coding and to demystify the giants of terms such as coding, algorithm or AI and to reduce possible fears of contact.

After that, it was “hands on”. Using the Java Script and paper.js programming language, small images or visuals were created. The only thing needed is a laptop and a browser.

The workshop was led by bleeptrack. She is a creative technologist, artist and researcher specialising in generative and AI art. Her work is based on her own generative algorithms. Besides her artistic work, she is doing a PhD on Machine Learning and Computational Creativity at the University of Ulm. Their website features entertaining and educational vlogs and updates on bleeptrack’s work.