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Art & Coding – Encounter Laboratory at the Academy for Theatre and Digitality (2022)

Cheers for Fears, the initiative for art and art theory students in NRW, and the Academy for Theater and Digitality (Dortmund), organized a creative encounter lab for non-hierarchical knowledge exchange in the field of arts and digitality from the end of April to the end of October 2022. Students and young professionals in the arts and in coding, research as well as creative engineering with a focus on NRW were invited.

23rd and 24th of April – Kick-Off 23. at the for Theatre and Digitality

Initially, it was about the non-hierarchical exchange knowledge and using the advantage of multiperspectivity to solve problems and concerns that people brought to the encounter lab from their own practice. At the kick-off weekend on 23rd and 24th April 2022, we started at the Academy for Theatre and Digitality at the Dortmund Theatre with impulse lectures, collected ideas and formed interdisciplinary teams according to our concerns. Puppeteers connect with VR designers, coders with activists and composers with video artists to get to know each other’s working methods and concepts and to start directly into projects and try-outs. In the following weeks, the group worked self-organised on individual dates until June 2022 on a digital artistic website project.

Workshop ARE YOU AFRAID OF JAVA SCRIPT? Programming as part of an artistic pratice at 23rd of October 2022 at Green Room

Following the questions of the Art & Coding Lab and after a digital warm-up on Sunday, 16 October, Cheers for Fears organised a workshop in the Green Room Cologne for students, artists, cultural workers and creatives interested in using programming for their artistic practice.

The aim of the two-part workshop was to gain a general understanding of the entire field of coding, to demystify conceptual giants such as coding, algorithms or AI and to reduce possible fears of contact. “Hands on” small images or visuals were created using the programming language Java Script and paper.js.

The workshop was led by bleeptrack. She is a creative technologist, artist and researcher specialising in generative and AI art. Her work is based on her own generative algorithms. Besides her artistic work, she is doing a PhD on Machine Learning and Computational Creativity at the University of Ulm.