Auftakt Festival für szenische Texte #1 (2017)

Land in Sicht und Cheers for Fears came together and created an experimental field for literary texts in the theater.

Actors and speakers met playwrights to work together on new texts. For the festival, we invited the participants to Cologne from May 25th to 28th. They were able to prepare for the text together for three full days and, at the end of the test phase in Britney, the venue of the Schauspiel Köln, they performed the reading in a scenic way. The texts were already available for the actors before the rehearsal phase.

The focus was on the exchange of actors from different schools in order to promote cross-institutional cooperation. Texts were developed, which were accompanied by a playwright or a dramaturge on site. Alternative forms of reading were developed. How can unwieldy, absurd or contradictory texts of different genres be presented without stage design and costume, but only through the presence and positioning of the actors? How can texts be spatially experienced through forms of speech and speech acts?


(c) Hanna Freres