Auftakt Festival für szenische Texte #5 – Jubiläumsausgabe (2021)

July 8-10, 2021 at the Alte Feuerwache Cologne

For the fifth anniversary of the auftakt festival for scenic texts, Land in Sicht and Cheers for Fears invited the audience to Cologne. The audience awaited performances, readings, installations, and a publication.

Digital workshops, which took place in advance, served as the basis for this. In these, the fifteen authors and artists from interdisciplinary artistic fields explored new forms of collaboration in the field of writing. They were supported by Achim Lengerer from Scriptings. The focus was not on a completed text, but on its production and transformation into other media. How does a text become a scene, video or image and how can polyphony be integrated into the writing process?

The central question for our artistic practice was the preoccupation with error. Like the fragile state of an unfinished work, the error is fragmentary and ambiguous. An error is commonly seen as a fault, at the same time it indicates something that is considered the norm.

The authors and artists entered the festival with these thoughts in mind.

In cooperation with the Kölner Kinonächte, we also showed Alle Anderen by Maren Ade in the courtyard of the Feuerwache during the festival.

You can find the schedule here:

The website of the auftakt festival can be found here.