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CheersCamp in Bochum (2017)

Workshop – Marathon by students for students

Saturday, 21st of January 2017, 11am to 8pm at Tor5 Bochum

How do I tell the difference between a VGA cable and an HDMI cable? And how does the semiotic perspective on actors differ from the phenomenological one? How do I write a stringent proposal and how do I get rid of the backache on it that writing gave me? The different artistic training programs in NRW are characterized by the fact that students not only learn very specific skills and methods at each university, but also always create their own individual knowledge profiles and focal points of work through their interests and contacts – with an individual artistic handwriting, checked out or quite crafty. Cheers for Fears made use of this individual expertise and organised an active and joyful workshop camp by students for students followed by a party at Tor5, the premises of Szenische Forschung Bochum.

Es konnte einfach nur teilgenommen werden oder zusätzlich ein einstündiger Workshop gegeben werden. Der Tag war so konzipiert, dass man vor bzw. nach dem eigenen Workshop an den anderen Panels teilnehmen konnte. Die Workshops sollten ein Herzensthema der Studierenden darstellen– und sich auf einen konkreten Aspekt ihres Könnens beschränken.

Workshop topics could come from the following areas, for example:

  • Body and movement, voice and choir
  • artistic strategies
  • Project concepts, funding, production management
  • Art Theory
  • Video, photography, light, sound etc.
  • Layout, design, text and image processing programms