Cheers for Fears Festival in Düsseldorf (2022)

16 to 20 March 2022 at the tanzhaus nrw

After two years of many digital exchange formats and small labs, there was finally a big Cheers For Fears festival again from 16 – 20.03.2022. Already the seventh since 2013! The gathering at tanzhaus nrw gave students, teachers, young artists and their audience a place to meet. Installative, cinematic, scenic, dance and musical formats gave an insight into the diversity of the young art scene and related artistic works and studies to current discourses.

In addition to the public showings on Friday and Saturday evening, there was also a public panel discussion on Friday late afternoon. Stefan Hilterhaus (PACT Zollverein), Dr Hildegard Kaluza (Ministry of Culture and Science), Prof. Lisa Nielebock (Folkwang University of the Arts) and Dr Philipp Schulte (Hessian Theatre Academy) participated in “Together for the Theatre of Tomorrow – Training in the Performing Arts”.

What is the state of teaching in the arts? What is desired and what can be concrete actions? These and many other questions were lively discussed by the plenum, first among themselves and then together with the audience.

You can find the detailed programme of the participating young artists here.


Fotos: (c) Silviu Guiman