Cheers for Fears Festival in Düsseldorf (2017)

The arts of tomorrow between reflection and action
Public program from 16 to 18 March

Festival time! On three long evenings at the FFT Düsseldorf, Cheers for Fears invited visitors to get to know the young artistic scene in NRW and neighboring states. Drama, dance, performance, video installation, experimental lecture and concert – everything was there. For participating students, the festival also offered a week of focused cross-university experimentation.

Focus: The arts between reflection and action

What does it mean for young artists to express themselves politically in their medium? Cheers for Fears explored this question in a symposium and performances as part of a festival focus. While some made their own working conditions and the theater machinery their subject, others turned to concrete sociopolitical issues and asked what art can do in socially challenging times.

Feature of Hochschulradio Düsseldorfs: Interview with Jascha Sommer


(c) Christian Hermann