On Tour

Cheers for Fears as guest at the fünfzehnminuten-Festival (2017)

Cheers for Fears cooks at the young talent festival for Cologne and NRW on 14 January 2017

“For the fifth time the studiobühneköln presents a three-day programme full of theatre, performances, dance, mini-dramas, short concerts, readings… Finished, designed, emerging… For three days we open our stages! For fifteen minutes each! By young artists from the region. Have fun!”

And Cheers for Fears? Prepared “the table”

Three days of fifteen minutes. Three days of excitement, being quick, queuing. A marathon. But what was it? A scent drifted through the foyer: Cheers for Fears had set up an impromptu kitchen. Cheers for Fears was lingering. Cheers for Fears was cooking. And in the last fifteen minutes of the evening, invited the audience to become guests of a midnight feast.

After an intense and long day, the competition for attention was suspended for fifteen minutes and at the big table the randomly gathered became a temporary community. In the gesture of solidarity, Cheers for Fears invited people to dine and discuss together. What does solidarity mean among artists and artists today? What kind of image of society is indicated in the artistic works we have seen today? What goals does our art pursue and what motivations and desires does it follow?