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Traumformat #7 – Extended Bodies (2022)

26. February 2022 at Alte Feuerwache Köln

Every human being has a body. But does the mirror image always match our body image? What would one’s own body look like if affects, feelings and fantasies transformed it?

This workshop by Sofia Strunden was about exploring one’s own body sensations and designing one’s “body of feelings” in an experimental way.

The following question was specifically asked: “What is a body scheme and how is it expendable?” Together, they explored both theoretically and practically the different forms of the body, abstracting it and experiencing it through multimedia interaction. To experince one’s own body and body movement beyond internalized categories and stereotypes a motion-sensory real-time projection was being used. The knowledge gained in the workshop was finally recorded in a final body sketch, which served as the basis for an individual avatar.


Fotos: (c) Kara Bukowski