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Traumformat #3 – Der Teufel fragt nach (2019)

“Der Teufel fragt nach“ was an exchange format in the form of a research lab that explored the different default settings for creative encounters. The format was aimed at students and young artists in NRW who were interested in an intensive examination of their own creative process and background and the role they play in interdisciplinary ways of working.

The self-evident facts of individual creative processes are mostly unknown, even for each contributor within his or her own field. In interdisciplinary works, each artist comes with a large suitcase full of (un)known, (un)visible, and (un)flexible attitudes based on the connection between identity, interests, sources of inspiration, and cultural and artistic background.

The research lab supported the participants to unravel their own artistic identity and artistic practice in order to create clarity for the encounters and also to learn something about the default settings of the other artists. The exchange worked thanks to the recognition of the known and foreign of the self and the other. Do you recognize yourself in the reflection of the other or is that exactly where you can clearly see the differences? This clarity should serve to enable the framework for intensive collaboration. The traces of information that were created in this way were orientation lines for the participants to find common artistic strategies and to sketch out cross-disciplinary concepts based on them.


  • Get-to-know day and introductory workshop on Jan. 12, 2019 from 4 to 7 p.m. in Düsseldorf (FFT Juta).
  • Block 1: 18 – 20.1.2019 full day in Cologne (Quartier am Hafen)
  • Block 2: 8 – 10.2.2019 full day in Bochum (Atelier Automatique)

In groups, participants worked out a trace collection of their own cultural and artistic background, context and default setting of their own practice. This served as inspiration for the sketching of a cross-divisional concept.

Team: Silvia Ehnis (concept and direction), Christian Grammel (introductory workshop)


(c) Minkyou Yoo