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Traumformat #4 – Mapping in Movement (2019)

Residence & Research from 19 to 21 July at Seminarhaus Lindlar

From July 19 to 21, Cheers for Fears and the dancer and choreographer Bianca Mendonça invited students and young artists from the fields of contemporary dance, design, visual arts, music and physical theater to an artistic laboratory at the seminar house FindHof in Lindlar. “Mapping in Movement” was an attempt to create visual mappings and diagrams related to body, movement and environment.

We developed a series of exercises and experiments that dealt with mapping the body and its environment. In addition, we also worked outdoors to experience the artistic process in relation to the landscape, and to use this mapping practice to build a bridge between landscape and our own bodies. We also used these illustrations, diagrams, and collected visuals to create performative and choreographic outcomes. The aim was to exchange ideas with artists from different disciplines and to get to know artistic tools that could be interesting for one’s own work.

The lab was open to students and young artists who wanted to explore unfamiliar artistic techniques, wanted interdisciplinary exchange and were capable of working independently. In addition to the physical, visual and collective processing of the theme, the participants also had time to pursue their own artistic needs.