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Pop Up #2 – How do we actually talk to each other? Criticism and Theatre (2013)

Sunday, 16th June 2013, 3pm, Haus Steden, Bochum – im Rahmen des Zeitzeug_ Festivals 2013

Whether at festivals, rehearsals, university projects or audience discussions: Criticism and talking about collected impressions – everyone agrees – are an important part of artistic practice. But what place does criticism have in education and how can it become the motor of artistic development? Since criticism is still in many cases an instrument used by universities to measure and judge student work against a specific understanding of theatre, the question of how to criticise is increasingly coming into focus.

Is there a need for a culture of criticism? We screened the film “Feedback” by the Amsterdam theatre academy DasArts and afterwards discussed together how an interdisciplinary culture of conversation could emerge in NRW. The Dutch institute has developed a feedback system to moderate the conversations between teachers and students and to structure the language and thinking about artistic works, beyond privatisms and judgements of taste.

After the film and the discussion, there was the possibility to end the last evening of the Zeitzeug-Festival together at the barbecue and to continue thinking and discussing in a relaxed setting.