Production platforms

Recherche- & Produktionsplattform TRANSIT #1 (2014)

The Cheers for Fears production platform

Cheers for Fears called on NRW students and graduates from the fields of stage design, media art, physical theatre, directing, acting, music, painting, scenic research, dance and theatre studies in 2014 to submit interdisciplinary concepts for scenic-artistic works. At the end of July, the participants of the call came together for two days at the Maschinenhaus Essen to exchange their concepts, develop them further with mentors and find fellow campaigners. Three of the concepts were then selected and produced independently over the following months. The productions were supported in terms of content and budget by three mentors (Felix Bürkle, Fabian Lettow, Alexandra Tivig), the initiative Cheers for Fears and the NRW Landesbüro Freie Kultur. The works were presented as part of the theatre festival FAVORITEN 2014, which took place in Dortmund from October 25 to November 1.

Transit productions

in the context of FAVORITEN 2014 | Dortmund 25.10.-1.11.2014

Bianca Mendonça: To Be Heard

A physical sound space experience.


Sound is an essential element of human communication. The choreographer Bianca Mendonça dealt in her work with sound and body perception. With sound material generated by body and voice beyond language, she searches for strategies of a choreography for the ear.

To Be Heard invited the audience to embark on a physical and auditory journey with their eyes closed: The audience was called upon to put aside their visual sense for a moment and to experience the stage action in an aesthetic experiment through hearing and feeling perception.

Together with dancers and sound artists, a soundscape of bodies was created in which memories and feelings are translated into sound and space. For the duration of the performance, the basement of the Museum Ostwall was transformed into a space that allowed the audience to immerse themselves in the unconscious and sensitively tested new forms of encounter between spectators and performers.

Concept: Bianca Mendonça / Choreography: Bianca Mendonça in collaboration with the dancers / Dance: Valérie Kommer, Carmen Kraus / Sound design: Senking / Cooperation: Center for Contemporary Dance of the HfMT Cologne, Dans och Cirkushögscholan Stockholm

Martina Gimplinger: No Place like Home



“In moments of single, scenic works, I have felt at home: in the movement of a black theater curtain slowly moving from the back wall of the stage to the front of the ramp and back again. In a dancer frozen into an image, stretching legs and arms upward from his body. The sounds, images, and movements of these moments are not irretrievably lost: they have taken on a life of their own within me and decouple into a third, my own, scenic happening.”

Something that remains. Martina Gimplinger was interested in this phenomenon in and on art. She drew on her personal fund of formative experiences and moving experiences of artistic processes and moved into the moments of movement together with dancers and performers. Her scenic reference material commented on a contemporary aesthetic that produced the very gaps and absences she inhabited and inhabited in seeing and experiencing.

Concept and artistic direction: Martina Gimplinger / dramaturgy and assistance: Julian Gerhard / with: Asli Karali, Ekaterina Lizurchik and Ibrahima Biaye / cooperation: Rottstraße 5 Kunsthallen Bochum, Ruhr-Universität Bochum

BRXT: For Lovers

A transfer.


The Düsseldorf based performance collective BRXT invited artist friends to move into an empty warehouse in Düsseldorf harbour for a month. The result was an artistic cosmos that put the relationship between privacy and the public sphere in the digital age to the test and thus also asked about contemporary forms of self-dramatization. Between intimacy and post-privacy, Dadaist readymade and blow-up painting, the performers of BRXT staged the details of their everyday life as an absurd happening.

The concentrate of several weeks of work finally moved to Dortmund for one day after a presentation in Düsseldorf and occupied the stage, courtyard and foyer of the traditional Dortmund house Fletch Bizzel. The performance/installation started at 17h and ended at 22h. Coming and going was possible at any time.

Produced at Werft 77 of Kunst im Hafen e.V. in Reisholz Harbor Düsseldorf in cooperation with FFT Düsseldorf. // Concept: Kenny Rüdiger, Marius Baumgartner // Music: Leif Berger (drums), Alexander Dawo (double bass), Ole Hübner (electronics, synthesizer, vocals), // Physical Performance: Gwen Kollewijn, Helena Aljona Kühn, Hannah Nürnberg, Melissa Steinsiek-Moßmeier, Kim Töpfer // Digital Performance: Sebastian Mejia, Tanja Ritterbex // Video/Sound Installation: Tim Loehde, Damian Weber // Supporters Düsseldorf: Foundation for Art, Culture and Social Affairs of Sparda Bank West, Art and Culture Foundation of Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf, Brauerei Kürzer, Provinzial Versicherungen and Dj ́s Delight Sound & Light Equipment.

Adapted for Dortmund as part of Cheers for Fears – Production Platform 2014.

Organized by the NRW Landesbüro Freie Kultur in cooperation with Maschinenhaus Essen and the theater festival FAVORITEN 2014. Sponsored by the Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sports of the State of NRW and the Kunststiftung NRW.