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Seminar – Artistic Collaboration and Methods of Feedback & Criticism (2022)

How do we develop a joint project with artists from different disciplines? How do we shape an artistic work in the collective process of creation? How do I put together a team, how do I find partners for my project? How do we talk productively about our art and give each other feedback?

Sina-Marie Schneller and Jascha Sommer from Cheers for Fears shared their experiences in setting up an interdisciplinary project – in and after the studies – on 22nd and 23rd of January 2022. The focus was on solidary cooperation at eye level and the joint generation of ideas within the team.

The workshop began with the exchange of artistic works by the participants in the form of feedback and criticism. We presented our ideas, work statuses and artistic works to each other and started a conversation about what was shown: What had we seen? What had worked, what not? And from which perspective were we speaking?

Based on this experience, we developed approaches to artistic collaboration. An important factor here was cooperation at eye level and a solidary, positive and constructive attitude: How can all participants contribute in the best possible way? How do I create spaces for improvisation together? How is it possible to ensure that everyone participates in the creation process and that not only the ideas of one person are implemented?

In improvisation, conversation and presentation rounds, we learned to give each other constructive feedback, to talk about our work and to create environments together that enable interdisciplinary artistic experimentation. In addition, we tested first ideas for joint artistic creations.

The feedback method of the Amsterdam University of the Arts was an important basis.