On Tour

Social Muscle Club at Insert Female Artist Festival (2021)

25th of September 2021 – 10 am – Alte Feuerwache Köln​

Exchange between guests and artists of the festival

What can you give? What do you need? Together with the Berlin-based Social Muscle Club, we exercised our social muscles at the Cologne Insert Female Artist Festival. We used the festival community to give each other a helping hand: whether it was advice on setting up a publishing house or looking for a babysitter. We wrote our concerns on slips of paper, let ourselves be surprised by the commitment and solidarity of the festival community – and incidentally got to know the artists and guests of the festival.

The Social Muscle Club (SMC) was founded for those who want to support each other in the midst of a society where individuals often feel overwhelmed. The model and inspiration was a documentary film about a working women’s club in Sheffield. As a counterbalance and balance to the stress and pressure to perform of a capitalist and competitive working world, the club offered all members not only a self-managed social safety net, but also entertainment. In the meantime, meetings of the SMC take place regularly in Berlin, Basel, Bristol and Vienna.

A co-production between Insert Female Artist and Cheers for Fears in cooperation with the Social Muscle Club Berlin (SMC).