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Talk – What do artists need at the beginning of their career? (2019)

Working discussion by FFT Düsseldorf & Cheers for Fears as part of west off 2019

In the context of a working discussion at the FFT Juta, we discussed what needs and questions artists have after their training and how useful the focus on “young talent” or the “young scene” in funding and scholarship programmes actually is. How do we introduce actors who are new to the independent scene to theatre houses, funding programmes and issues of security? Do we need programmes that accompany the transition from study to professionalism? Which responsibility lies with the universities, which with the theatres and associations? How can we learn from each other across generations?

The participants were Anna-Lena Klapdor (artist), Elisabeth Hofmann (artist), Philine Velhagen (artist, mentor west off), Martina Grohman (Theater Rampe, Freischwimmen), Jascha Sommer/Sina Schneller (Cheers for Fears), Christoph Rech and Katja Grawinkel (FFT, west off, Freischwimmen), Harald Redmer (Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste NRW). Moderation: Katja Grawinkel-Claassen.