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Stadtraumintervention – Wertstoff (2017)

An exploration of body and material in urban space

The project “Wertstoff” was aimed at students from Wuppertal and NRW who were interested in a performative and installative process in the streets of Wuppertal. The focus was on process and experimentation. In small groups, the goal was to create new performative spaces and temporarily change the atmosphere in the streets. During the bulky waste days, discarded materials were repurposed and new compositions of material and urban space were tested, performed, and publicly negotiated.

People from the fields of visual arts, architecture, performance, dance, street art, scenography, sound, media arts, urban planning or public interest design were invited to contribute their perspectives to an artistic process and to test new artistic approaches together with other interested people.

BACKGROUND In some cities, including Wuppertal, there are still bulky waste collection days that regularly change the atmosphere in the streets for a short time. One discovers mountains of materials, some of which are still usable. Some pedestrians are cut off, others become hunters in the land of milk and honey of upcycling. Despite recyclability, bulky waste is almost representative of a sign of lacking, social mindfulness and creativity.

With our actions, we not only wanted to open up a different view of VALUES of everyday life for pedestrians, to thematize their value and put them in a different context, but also to negotiate what art in public space can be and to what extent it can stimulate a change of perspective.

WERTSTOFF was a project of Live Love Your City. Dance and performance move Wuppertal by die börse and the Cheers for Fears Mobile Academy.

DI. 29.08. 14.00-22.00 h Arrenberg, Wuppertal

DI. 12.09. 14.00-22.00 h Zooviertel, Wuppertal
Wed. 13.09. 14.00-22.00 h Ölberg, Wuppertal

DI. 19.09. 14.00-22.00 h Briller Viertel, Wuppertal
Wed. 20.09. 18.30-22.00 h Conclusion Luisenviertel, Wuppertal


(c) Mortimer Pfaff

Sponsored by the Ministry for Children, Youth, Culture and Sports of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Kunststiftung NRW.