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Workshop – Kunst für, Kunst mit (2017)

Workshop on the relationship between art and the target group

Children, young people, senior citizens – many theater productions are created for a specific target group or by working with specific social groups. How does the assumption of a specific audience affect concept development and artistic work? On what basis do artists decide which art suits whom?

Together with Alexander Kerlin, Marlin de Haan, Kama Frankl and Miriam Michel, we discussed how the construction of a specific target group inspires – or hinders – artistic work and also the submission of applications. We explored terms such as expert, layperson, artist and target group and asked about the actualisation of theatre pedagogical work in community theatres and artistic activism. Participants shared their aesthetic and conceptual strategies in pedagogical or participatory work.

Within the framework of weiterkommen!, the qualification programme for freelance artists and cultural workers in North Rhine-Westphalia run by the NRW Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste,, we specifically set out to bring actors from different generations into dialogue.

Speakers: Kama Frankl (Junges Pottporus Herne), Marlin de Haan (director, among others artistic director of the Seniorentheater in der Altstadt, Düsseldorf 2006-2015), Alexander Kerlin (dramaturge, Schauspiel Dortmund), Miriam Michel (director, among others founding member of the mixed-abled company dorisdean).

Moderation: Sina-Marie Schneller

Venue: Dortmund Theatre, Hiltropwall 15, 44137 Dortmund