On Tour

WorkshopCamp & Social Muscle Club (2017)

25. 25. & 26. AUGUST, 11 AM TO 7 PM at TOR 5 BOCHUM

Within the Programme Weiterkommen of NRW Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste

What do I need to keep in mind when speaking chorally on stage? How do I get a noise-free sound recording? What role does pop culture play in contemporary dance? What characterises a stringent application? And how do I get rid of the back pain that writing has given me?

Based on the conviction that every actor and actress in the performing arts – regardless of age or artistic or academic background – brings with them a knowledge, skills and talents waiting to be shared, the networking initiative Cheers for Fears launched a so-called CheersCamp in 2017. All participants are teachers and learners at the same time: in one-and-a-half-hour workshops, each participant has the opportunity to convey a particular aspect of his or her own artistic activity and to pass on his or her own knowledge. The event finally culminated in the Social Muscle Club, a playful swap meet where the know-how of all participants can be haggled over and played for beyond the evening.

Workshop topics can come from the following areas, for example:

  • Body and movement, voice and choir
  • artistic strategies
  • Project concepts, funding, production management
  • Art Theory
  • Video, photography, light, sound etc.
  • Layout, design, text and image processing programms

It was possible to simply participate or, in the best case, to additionally offer a one and a half hour workshop. The day was designed in such a way that you could attend the other panels before or after your own workshop.