Cheers for Fears

On Tour

On the road again

Since the founding of the Mobile Academy Cheers for Fears, smaller events have regularly taken place alongside the festivals, academies and productions, which serve to create productive friction: Here, dedicated art students invite to interdisciplinary encounters in their studio, a cooperating production house or their university. Under the title Cheers for Fears on Tour, artistic concepts, work statuses and works are presented and put up for discussion, burning questions of an artistic and structural nature are discussed or small laboratory-like experiments are carried out.

To this end, individual students are invited to their own university, provide working spaces and studios, or organize spaces in friendly theaters in which students can present their scenic, installation, and visual works, work statuses, or concepts for discussion. Following the presentations, the participants talk about what they have seen and try out different feedback formats that are intended to be productive for all participants and not limited to the exchange of pleasantries or polemicizing opinions.