Cheers for Fears

Production platforms


In addition to all other activities and formats, Cheers for Fears strives not only to establish encounters and discussions between young artists from different educational institutions, but also to initiate longer-term transmedia collaborations. With this intention in mind, we created the Cheers for Fears Production Platform in 2014 together with the NRW State Office for the Independent Performing Arts. Convinced that experimental encounters in laboratory situations release an enormous potential of creativity and productivity, we are engaged in new artistic constellations in the young art scene of NRW, space for research and the professionalization of young collectives. In Ringlokschuppen Ruhr, Cheers for Fears has a partner that, like Cheers for Fears, is interested in enabling young performing art with a low threshold. Beyond the season filled with events and festivals, we are interested in providing space for transdisciplinary experimentation that non-established artists need to test artistic collaborations, develop their portfolios, and learn to produce under professional conditions. Therefore, with the research and production platform TRANSIT, we provide the necessary space, time as well as financial and logistical means for new interdisciplinary collaborations.

In 2021, the platform for artistic research & production once again offered young artists the opportunity to put their ideas for innovative, transdisciplinary works up for discussion in a creative environment and, accompanied by colloquia and mentors, to develop them further in a research process. In this format the process is the aim –a completion of the project was desired, but the main focus was the development oft he participating artists, their production and the exchange with artists from different disciplines. From spring to fall 2021, 6 artist collectives were funded. The final presentation took place the 30th of September 2021 in the Ringlokschuppen Ruhr.