Cheers for Fears


The Team

Jascha Sommer

In 2012 I founded the initiative Cheers for Fears together with Johanna-Yasirra Kluhs and with the support of the Ringlokschuppen Ruhr out of the ambition to contribute to the networking of the scenic arts courses in NRW and to broaden the horizons of the students beyond their respective universities in continuous as well as selective actions.

I studied Theater Studies and Scenic Research in Bochum and Paris, and Media Arts at the Academy of Media Arts. Through my studies as well as my own artistic work I am familiar with the young theater and art scene of NRW and continuously think about collaborations of young artists with students and teachers of the universities and theater houses.

Portrait Sina-Marie Schneller

Sina-Marie Schneller

During my studies of theater and literature in Bochum, I was influenced by the initiative Cheers for Fears. As a motor and forum, Cheers for Fears has promoted my broad and unbiased view of the young scene of artists in NRW and also personal contacts.
In 2015 I was the production manager of the Cheers for Fears Festival at Theater Oberhausen and since then I continue to work continuously for the networking of the young art scene in NRW. In 2022 and 2024 I will also co-direct the FAVORITEN Festival.


Cheers for Fears Office

Mo–Tu / 11–18
c/o Ringlokschuppen Ruhr
Am Schloß Broich 38
45479 Mülheim an der Ruhr
Tel.: 0208 9931678

Portrait Mona Sachße

Mona Sachße

Since the beginning of 2022 I am responsible for the project management of Cheers for Fears. So far I have been the director for the Cheers for Fears Festival 2022 as well as the Art & Coding Encounter Lab. I am happy to be part of an initiative that aims to bring artists together and create fear-sensitive spaces. I studied cultural studies and aesthetic practice at the University of Hildesheim and have been living in Cologne for some time now, where I am studying for a Master’s degree in Intermedia. My artistic-research interest is in the stagings of femininity myths and queer beings. For some time now I have been working artistically with voice, sound and their morphing on my own and in various collaborations.

Portrait Nadine Kraus

Nadine Kraus

I study media studies at the University of Cologne and have been supporting the Cheers For Fears initiative in the online editorial department since February 2022. At the tanzhaus nrw as well as at the Schauspiel Köln I was able to gain professional experience in the field of press and public relations. At Cheers for Fears, I now want to make young artists visible and connect those interested in culture. As a dance artist I feel connected to the art scene of NRW.